Welcome to my website!

Happy Holidays! Thank you for 10k views! One of my new years resolutions is to make my site more epic!

Haii !! My username may be lilpegchamp but you can just call me D! As you can tell by my username and my web rating on the left of this page I create content that is far too mature for an underage audience so if you fit the bill please leave for both of our sakes! If you're an adult and you're still here, hi! Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay... even though there's still not much to look at or do here yet... As always this site is a work in progress so if you see anything out of wack feel free to let me know!

This website was made on a dog shit laptop with a dead battery and a 1600 x 900 monitor from 2016 by Samsung with Windows 10 on a FireFox Browser! Progress on my website is slow because my laptop loves crashing on me, ugh... unsurprising considering the aformentioned.

About the site!

To the left a there is a box that says, "Come Find Me!" That will take you to my carrd which will show you links to my socials and etc! I use carrd because it's both mobile and monitor friendly! Maybe you found my website from one of my socials or maybe you were just browsing neocities... Eitherway, I'm just glad you're here!

Below that is my! I'd like to update it everyday but that sure as hell isn't going to happen lol so I just update it with whatever is most important to me at the time if I feel like it! You'll get more time relevant live blogging on my tumblr!

To the right is my guestbook! Don't be afraid to sign it with whatever the hell you want within moral reason! My button is also on the right if you'd like to share that on your website, if we're mutuals I'll share your button as well!

Song of The Week is just my way of getting people (such as you!) into songs they've (possibly) never heard and also to have something to listen to while browsing my website!

The characters you'll find scattered around this page are just ocs or avatars in games I play!

The navbar will take you to... well, where it says it will! You are currently in the Home page so clicking it will just bring you back here. My Blog page is where you can learn things about me such as my interests, hobbies, and generally what I've been up to! The Wiki page is where I store all the knowledge you'll need on my original characters and stories! In the Works page you will find various creations by me both traditional and digital, and both original and fandom! The Misc. page is random bits like gameplay screenshots and other bs!

Care to look after my pet? Don't worry, she doesn't bite!
Not TOO hard at least... >.<